i finally finished that playlist. idk what 2 think. part of me wants 2 delete the website, but another part says 2 just leave it. i already finished the website anyways so it shouldn't hurt to stop updates. i'll blog 1nce in a while but i need a break. i'll tell my friend soon. i need 2 sleep. good night


i can't tell if i'm better or worse. i saw an angel in my dreams i think. it said sumthing abt a page on here. i'll draw it l8r. i need 2 watch those vids i found.

i drew it.


i'm sick. my mom thinks it's a cold but i don't blieve her. the website keeps adding pages i don't want n when i delete them my computer freezes up and when i restart it the pages are back. what's going on?


srry 4 lack of updates. i found sum weird part of the gsi website i didn't add and my head started hurting like crazy. it's freaky o_o


HEY SKULL KIDZ! last night wus super fun, got a lot of candy (decided 2 be slenderman after all XD) and set up an alter 4 dia de los muertos w/ my mom


HALLOWEEN IS COMING UP!!!!! IDK what 2 wear LOL maybe i should b slenderman or micheal myerz. or maybe my darth vader costume from last year still fits...